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Animal Tracking Programs From Weaving Earth

Nature is full of ongoing stories—the cycle of the day, the circle of the seasons and passing of life as it grows more fully into itself. Anywhere you turn, it is possible to become entranced and involved in this constant unfolding. As the revered tracker and storyteller Jim Corbett once wrote: “The book of nature has no beginning as it has no end.” All it takes is learning how to read.

Among the many exciting ways to read stories of the landscape is to engage with the ancient art of wildlife tracking. Mammals are often elusive—certainly more so than the birds, who grace us with their songs and flight almost anywhere we go. Learning to see the mammals through the tracks and sign they leave as they walk, run, forage, hunt or mark territory enables us to grow closer to their presence on the landscape.

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And, Wildlife tracking certainly goes beyond mammals—it includes reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and even larger ecological phenomena such as weather and terrain. As we begin to see the world through the lens of wildlife tracking, our overall ecological awareness grows. We become more sensitive to and more aware of the vast network of interconnections that characterize ecosystems and the web of life.

At Weaving Earth, we are passionate about the art and science of wildlife tracking as a pathway towards deeper connection. Whether you’re interested in increasing your skill as a hunter or building your ecological awareness, wildlife tracking is a powerful practice. We focus specifically on wildlife tracking in our 9-month Immersion program as a direct way to engage the age-old human capacity for pattern-recognition as it relates to our sense of place.

Additionally, we typically host at least one CyberTracker evaluation in Sonoma and Marin counties every year. CyberTracker is an initiative begun in both Botswana and South Africa by Louis Liebenberg to certify expert trackers as professional guides. The program has led to the employment of some of the best animal trackers alive today. In time, the CyberTracker certification program spread to other parts of the world, including the United States. Every evaluation is a tremendous learning opportunity, to assess your skill as a tracker and also to build powerful new brain patterns that connect us more deeply to the life all around us. Contact us for more information about wildlife tracking and the programs we offer in support of reinvigorating this ancient practice of reading the book of nature.