Weaving Earth’s Wild Leaders program is an adventure for teens that long to explore the mysteries of the wild landscape, both outside and within. Through wilderness skills, earth-based crafting, games, storytelling, creativity and much more, we will strengthen our relationships to self, one another and the world around us, with the goal of awakening the unique potential within each of us. With the intention of co-creating an inclusive group culture that nurtures personal development and individual creative expression, profound friendships and the skills to tend to them can naturally emerge. Most importantly, we will have as much fun as we possibly can!

The old stories tell us that adolescence is a critical time in a person’s life—when one’s longing for the world begins to call out in order to see what responds. The energy of this time is creative, expressive, inquisitive and ultimately, a potent gift for the wider community. The Wild Leaders program is a celebration of this inherent gift within adolescence, and a journey into how it shows up in each participant. With nature as our primary teacher, the Wild Leaders program supports young people to follow their passions and curiosities and be the fullest expressions of themselves that they can be.





More Information

If you have questions or want more information, please send an email to sam – at – weavingearth.com.

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