The Weaving Earth Immersion is a nature-based journey into the core practices of Relational Education. 

We feel passionately that education today must critically engage inherited stories of separation and domination, and at the same time responsibly recollect a deeper human inheritance: stories of interrelationship, belonging, dignity and respect. From this orientation, the conditions for real systems-change begin to emerge.

Every Immersion is


We currently offer up to 3 years of training. Discover the possibilities that emerge when we unite in an intentional mentoring context. 

Our Approach

Our Approach


Immerse participants

In experiences that remind them of the interrelationship of all life

Educate participants

On how to more effectively interrupt unjust cultural systems that have created and perpetuated inequity and pushed the planet to the brink of collapse

Take actions

That meet the imperative to care for people and the planet

“I deepened my relationship to listening and relating to our greater ecologies, anchoring my compassion in dignity, and learning to practice love with myself as an act of service to the whole."
brontë velez
co-founder of Lead to Life
Media and Development Director, Planting Justice
WE Immersion 2018 Graduate


Deep Nature Connection

Separation from the Earth enables isolation, dis-ease and extractivism. Connection with the Earth enables belonging, interrelationship, compassion and well-being.


Attuning to the body's wisdom brings deep resourcing. Sensory awareness connects our individual bodies with the body of the Earth.


Knowledge-sharing is essential to vital communities and ecologies.


Human systems must follow nature’s wisdom, not defy it.


Wise care for the Earth affirms humans can benefit ecosystems and support the continuation of life.


Navigating power, difference and conflict with skill and respect will determine our future.

Inner Tracking

Understanding internalized stories and patterns to support our relationships, creative offerings and overall vitality.

Connection to Creativity

When we open a channel for inspiration to move through us unhindered, emergent solutions and innovations are born.

Holistic Leadership

Leadership blooms via interrelationship, collaboration, deep understanding of historic/current injustice and care for the future generations. Community resilience emerges when leadership is sourced out of respect for the whole.

New Economy

Examining right livelihood, reparations, and the spirit of service.

Prayerful Activism

Educating and protecting through place-based action and prayer and the development of local-to-global networks.

Our Practices

“The WE immersion has given me hope for a beautiful future, as well as a holistic toolkit to help me be a part of the solution. This work is so needed and healing and I can feel the momentum growing behind it. May that momentum continue to build.”
Chris Clarke
Programs Coordinator, Daily Acts
WE Immersion 2014 Graduate


Staff Ecology

Meet the Teaching Team for the WE Immersion.

Relational Education
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Learn more about our approach to education.

Our Core Curriculum

Our programs are comprised of multiple curricular areas, each of which contains specific goals. Find out more.

Year 1: Beyond Boundaries

Education for our times. Learn more.

Year 2: Fire Tenders

The Journey from I to WE. Learn more.

Year 3: Bridge Builders

Connection, anchoring, and embodied leadership. Learn more.

Interested in the WE Immersion?
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Interested in the WE Immersion?
Send us a message to stay connected!