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In this time of global transformation, we are increasingly aware of the need to help young people step fully into who they are and to live with an awakened sense of interrelationship, authentic expression and deep care for their communities—including the wild environment. Wild places are much more than beautiful: they are a gateway into our passions and purpose.

Weaving Earth is offering one backpacking trip for teens in the summer of 2019. This journey into wild California will be led by a team of Weaving Earth mentors trained in the practices of deep nature connection, which are designed to cultivate holistic relationships to self, to others and to the natural world.

Trip Logistics


JuLy 6 – 13, 2019
LOCATION: The exact location will depend on trail and fire conditions closer to the departure date but will likely be in the mountains of northern or eastern California.

ENROLLMENT: This trip is open to all genders, ages 13-18. There are 12 spaces available on this trip.

Are you interested in joining us? More details and application below…

Trip Details

No two trips are ever the same. Each is influenced by the particular composition of the group, the leaders, the place, and the weather (inside and out!). Each trip responds to the interests, passions, curiosities and characters of the individuals who show up. We will embark on an adventure together that takes us deeply into the wild, deeply into ourselves, and deeply into the collective of the group. It’s fun. It’s meaningful. It’s eye-opening. It’s a great way to spend a part of your summer. While we can’t predict exactly what will happen, we can assure potential participants that some combination of the activities below will unfold.
  • Day-hike explorations
  • Fire by friction
  • Awareness games
  • Music
  • Tracking
  • Relaxed down time
  • Ancestral skills and crafts
  • Swimming (site and weather dependent)
  • Mapping, journaling and creative writing
  • Council
  • Sit spot
  • Aidless navigation
  • Wilderness skills and ethics
  • Storytelling
  • Leadership skills
  • And more!

Pricing and Financial Assistance

We are offering this trip at four price points: $750, $850, $950, and $1050. If you are able to choose a higher price point, you are making it possible to offer the program at a reduced rate to others. Thank you for considering what is possible and choosing the price point that is right for you. Our trips are priced to cover expenses and provide right livelihood for the guides and the organization as a whole, who offer significant time, energy and expertise in planning and running the trips. That being said, we are committed to making this trip accessible to all who want to participate. For questions about financial assistance, please contact Sam Edmondson.

In order for this trip to run, we need a minimum of 8 participants. There are 12 spaces available in total. If you are signing up, please spread the word within your networks. This trip is a great opportunity for friends to enjoy the wonder of backcountry travel together!

Trip Guides

Lara Birchler

Lara is in her third year of the Weaving Earth Immersion. For the fifteen years prior, she taught Art and Ceramics in California public high schools and also worked in therapeutic wilderness programs for teens in West Virginia and Montana. Lara lives in a bright yellow converted ambulance with a mini wood-fired stove. She loves to wander and is especially passionate about free-form dance, healthy body-image, cultivating belonging, fire by friction, crafting, birds, exploring close to the ground, seeking tracks, treasures, and stories that wish to be told.

Rusty Sparks

Rusty has lived all over the west, including the last ten years on the north coast of California in Pomo and Miwok territory, aka Sonoma County. During that time, he has been part of a group of friends that puts on ancestral skills events such as the Buckeye Gathering, which invite all ages to explore the ‘old ways’: fire by friction, basketry, nature awareness, hide tanning, hunting and gathering, and so on. He loves to spend time in wild places (mountain! river! ocean!), feeling increasingly at home, humbled, and ever-invigorated. After three years as a student in Weaving Earth, Rusty’s senses are more keened to the connections between inner and outer landscapes, via looking and listening for the movements of life all around us. He loves to dance, play, be in intentional circles of people, follow mysteries, craft, traditional bowhunt, and share stories.

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