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Program Structure

The WE Immersion merges deep nature connection mentoring with both innovative and traditional skill sets and design methodologies. It creates a container that evokes the participant’s innate human capacities, and provides tools for taking that awakened sense of self out into the wider world.

The Immersion is a semi-residential journey that is comprised of 12 multi-day in-person sessions, 4 group calls, and 6 Personal Mentoring Sessions from Mar-Dec. Click here for the 2019 Immersion calendar. Participants sleep in tents or out under the stars, eat together, learn together and live together. The program is composed of 3 overlapping tracks, creating a learning village that is multi-layered, intergenerational, dynamic and alive:

Year one:

Beyond Boundaries is an experiential dive into the awakening of connection and reciprocal relationship with self, others and earth

Year two:

Fire Tenders deepens the journey from the “I to the We,” moving participants more fully into their own authentic gifts, community leadership and cultural competency

Year three:

Bridge Builders is the culmination of years of dedication to the work, helping participants become a steward of the village and the future, utilizing their gifts and capacities to design and implement real world next steps in service to all.

* Please note that participants may enter a one, two, or three-year journey.

It takes a Village.

“Culture consciously or unconsciously informs education, shapes learning experience, brain patterning, and therefore beliefs, values, and behaviors”

~ Jon Young, author of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting to Nature

The village context imparts an embodied recognition of our interdependency with all life while offering a training ground to integrate and apply regenerative community design practices. Perspectives from diverse ages and life experiences come together to enrich the development of the whole village.

Based on the 8 Shields Mentoring model, the WE Immersion strives to recreate a village context,  creating an intentional culture of mentoring that fosters deep relationship to self, community and nature.  By doing so, we ensure the health and vitality of both people and place.

Curriculum Intro: The rhythms of the natural world

The course structure, curriculum and activities are guided by the rhythms and patterns of nature. Immersion in these rhythms helps us to retune to our own natural rhythms as well.  It’s a slowing down of the mind to allow the heart to lead. “One in a million moments happen 9 times out of 10 when you’re following the heart.” ~ Caroline Casey

The core of the curriculum focuses on:

  • Deep Connection with the Natural World
  • Design Skills for Earth Stewardship and Community Resiliency
  • Personal Development, Leadership and Vitality
  • Community Competency

Each person who enters the Weaving Earth Immersion will have a unique experience because the program is designed to meet the needs and curiosities of the individual, while following the creativity and curiosity of the whole. The core curriculum is designed to bring both the individual and the collective on a journey of awareness, connection and discovery.

For a more detailed look at the curriculum, click here

Core Facilitators

Dave Hage, Lauren Dalberth Hage, Will Scott, Sam Edmondson, Caitlin Williams

Plus an exciting line-up of special guests

The Schedule: A 9-month journey of transformation

The program begins in early September and runs through May, with breaks of various lengths between sessions, including a month-long winter break from mid-December to mid-January.  The core of the program runs regularly from Wednesday evenings – Sunday afternoon. Bridge Builders and Fire Tenders’ participants arrive early and stay late. Daily program routine includes early morning starts, full-day experiences, and evenings around the fire. A number of intensives and field excursions are also included.

Click here to see this year’s schedule


All regular weeks of the Weaving Earth Immersion are catered by Carin Mckay of Culinary Magic! This includes dinner on Wednesday, breakfast, lunch and dinner from Thursday to Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. There are a few non-catered events during the year – please see the calendar for details.


Our home site is located in west Sonoma County near Occidental, CA—conveniently located 15 minutes from Sebastopol, 25 minutes from Santa Rosa, 40 minutes from Petaluma and 1.5 hours from San Francisco and the East Bay. Our site includes a combination of indoor and outdoor facilities. Participants camp onsite each week. Oak trees, bay trees, Douglas firs, a riparian zone, wild medicinals, and beautiful views abound!

Additionally, there are a few field excursions woven into the year. Some of these excursions are wilderness-based and participants will have the opportunity to visit diverse, beautiful and remote areas of California. We also have a relationship with many wonderful local organizations and will visit them throughout the year.

The program moves with the seasons, and participants should be ready to live closely with the earth and the elements as part of the experience.

Tuition & Application Process

Tuition & Application Process varies by Program Year. Please read the Year 1: Beyond Boundaries, Year 2: Fire Tenders, or Year 3: Bridge Builders to see tuition fees and the application process for each respective program year.


Weaving Earth proudly and respectfully carries forth the transformative lineage of the Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness program. We have deep gratitude to the RDNA founders: Jon Young, Nicole Young, Penny Livingston and James Stark for their visionary leadership and unbridled creativity. We thank you.