Our Purpose: What do WE do?

Guided by the inherent interrelationship of all life, Weaving Earth fosters leadership in support of the holistic health of people, communities and the planet upon which we all depend.

Vision Statement: Why do WE do it?

WE envision a human network competent in designing, tending to and regenerating healthy relationships with all aspects of life. WE believe that true reciprocal relationships support life to its fullest potential, fostering the holistic health and vitality of individuals, communities, ecosystems and future generations. WE believe that this holistic vitality will help bring us beyond a paradigm of separation to a paradigm of connection.

WE gratefully see ourselves as a part of a global web of individuals and organizations working toward the shared goal of a resilient and regenerative future. Our contribution addresses relationships between people and themselves, each other and the natural world. Through the practice of connection, we aid in the strengthening of these relationships, and it is through healthy relationships that WE guide the “human peace” of the puzzle into wholeness.