Weaving Earth's Vision, Purpose, and Approach

Our vision, purpose, approach, values and theory of change are articulated using a framework from Miki Kashtan and the Center for Efficient Collaboration.

Our Vision

Where We’re Headed
WE envision a world of diverse, interconnected, cooperative communities who are deeply rooted in interrelationship, respect for life and a shared protection of the planet upon which we all depend. This world is beyond dominance, not because the “opposition” has been eradicated, but because there has been a concerted global effort to enact reparations and reconciliation for the oppression, trauma and systematic violence that some humans have committed against others. Through this process, ongoing legacies of violence lose their hold on our senses of self. A co-evolution of being and thinking results, which enables the flourishing of diverse cultures, supported by the emergence of a radical and ongoing practice of working together across our differences without employing domination. Love, respect, humility, interdependence and differentiation guide the way. The world’s interconnected human communities recognize that humans are one node in the web of life and also that we play a unique role in preserving life and the habitability of our interconnected cultural and ecological environments for the generations to come.

Our Purpose

In times of great change, WE offer the strengthening of relationship as our response. Our complex, rapidly changing world calls for leaders who deeply feel the inherent interrelationship between all of life. Such leadership must be fueled by creative collaboration, deeply aware of historical and present-day patterns of oppression, considerate of the health and well-being of many generations to come and rooted in interrelationship. Guided by nature, we endeavor to draw out the vital contributions we each have to make to the great work before us.

Our Approach


How do we educate for our times? Education today must critically engage inherited stories of separation and domination, and at the same time responsibly recollect a deeper human inheritance: stories of interrelationship, belonging, dignity and respect. From this orientation, the conditions for real systems-change begin to emerge.

Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education provides nature-based education for action at the confluence of ecological, social and personal systems change. We endeavor to:

  1. Immerse participants in experiences that remind them of the interrelationship of all life;
  2. Educate participants on how to more effectively interrupt unjust cultural systems that have created and perpetuated inequity and pushed the planet to the brink of collapse;
  3. Take actions that meet the imperative to care for both people and the planet.

Our Values

These are the touchstones that we return to as an organization. Read more.

Our Theory of Change

WHY WE believe in WHAT WE DO

Human domination of the Earth is inextricably linked to cultural systems that value separation and domination. As shorthand, we are calling these interwoven systems supremacy culture, recognizing that each strand has specific dynamics. Mainstream U.S. society fosters profound ignorance about how supremacy culture shapes belief, behavior, power, and opportunity. Supremacy culture is pervasive—we can’t choose whether to participate. But we can choose how to participate, which is key to systems change. The goal of the Weaving Earth Immersion is to learn how to change “the how,” supported by a community of practice in which participants explore, make mistakes, and grow through human-to-human-to-nature relationships.

There is no viable response to climate change that doesn’t also address the interwoven strands of supremacy culture. When applied with a critical lens, the tools of deep nature connection are powerfully supportive to bridging divides of power and privilege. This is messy, complex work to live into—but a future in which collaboration replaces conflict depends on it.

(A more comprehensive version of our Theory of Change is coming soon!)