Tara works with the 5-6 year old cohort of the Wild Tenders youth program. She has completed 2 years of the Weaving Earth Immersion.

Tara is committed to honoring transitions, to deep listening, to curiosity and to play. She cares immensely about supporting young people to follow their innate knowing, to develop healthy self-expression, and to feel at home and empowered in the natural world. Tara grew up on the rocky coast of Maine and had the opportunity to spend many hours outside, where she developed her love of old trees, rocky coasts, and water in all forms.

Since graduating college in 2014, Tara has received ongoing training in the practice of council, supported multiple backcountry trips with teenagers, and has worked with kids aged 6-12 at the Green Heron Nature Camp in Petaluma. Tara came to Weaving Earth in 2016 to participate in the Adult Immersion, where she just completed her second year. She is currently enrolled in the Nature-Led Approach certification program, which focuses on the synthesis of nature-connection and occupational therapy. She is also a Wilderness First Responder.