Sebastian Schmid works with the 5-6 year old cohort in the Wild Tenders youth program. He has completed three years of the Weaving Earth adult immersion.

Sebastian grew up in the mountains of Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles. He was home schooled for most of his life, which granted a lot of freedom to spend time outdoors on backpacking trips, monthly hikes, and many camping excursions. After high school, he enrolled in the Weaving Earth Immersion and has now completed 3 years of the program. Through his experiences at WE, he developed a special love for the bird world.

He is excited to work with children to be in a relationship of giving and receiving with youth; in particular, he looks forward to encountering the great wisdom of young people, which sometimes goes unnoticed and unseen. Given the profound ecological and social problems we face on this planet, Sebastian believes it is essential to support youth in creating a healthy and loving relationship to the earth, to themselves and to each other. He has 3 years of experience mentoring and playing with children in the WE immersion and has also been supporting staff for The River Heritage Center in Petaluma who are working with a group of young boys, taking them on walks and teaching them about the wild beings that live locally. Currently, he is enrolled in a 9-month child development program with Kathleen Lockyer; this Nature-Led Approach certification program focuses on the synthesis of nature-connection and occupational therapy.