Sam Edmondson wears several hats at Weaving Earth:  He works with both youth and adult programs, and he is the Senior Staff Writer. Sam grew up in the concrete wilds of Washington, D.C. After completing a degree in molecular biology at Haverford College, he drove westward and found home on a sloped street in San Francisco.

Between stints as a budding immunologist, chemistry teacher, political researcher and environmental campaign manager, Sam discovered the allure of California wilderness. It started with a late fall trip to Papoose Lake in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, which unlocked some old memory of wildness and changed his life forever.

From that moment, Sam set about exploring wild places in California and beyond with every available moment. But something was missing. Despite the beauty and grandeur he encountered, he didn’t quite feel like he belonged to the land he loved.

Fortunately, serendipity sent him to the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program (RDNA) in 2011. He stayed on for a second year and followed that up with a year in the Weaving Earth Immersion. These experiences initiated a powerful journey of belonging to himself, his community and the land that will undoubtedly continue for the rest of his days.

Sam has considerable experience working with children in nature. In 2012, he co-founded a nature connection program for children called West Marin Trackers. He worked as a nature mentor in a partnership program between the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement and the Synapse School. He was also a co-lead instructor for a group of 4- to 6-year-olds in a home school program based in Fairfax, CA. Finally, he has worked as a specialty subject teacher with 2nd and 3rd graders in the Waldorf-inspired program in Lagunitas, CA.

Sam is a certified Wilderness First Responder, an avid guitarist, a student of mythology, and a lover of Aikido. His primary intention is to serve the world well and build lasting relationships with the life around him.