Lauren Dalberth Hage (she/her/hers) is co-founder & director of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education (WE). As a designer, facilitator, wilderness guide and consultant, Lauren leads a variety of adult, teen and family programs that weave together deep nature connection, community resilience, permaculture, and social justice. These nature-based programs and services are designed to train resilient, transformational leaders to think, feel, act and design from a foundation rooted in holistic interrelationship. Lauren works with communities to support the honoring and witnessing of life transitions, and is especially dedicated to the reclamation of a healthy cultural relationship to menstruation.

“My Hebrew name is Leba, named after my grandmother, which means heart.  I feel that I am alive at this time dedicated to all matters of the heart. My blood ancestors are from Russia, Sicily and Scotland and I was born as a white settler on Lenni-Lenape territory in what is now called New Jersey. I fell in love with the wild places there –  the magnificence of the oak trees; the earthworms that came out of the soil with the rains; the deer that crunched through the leaves; the salty ocean air on my face; the gust of winds and bird calls that meant the sun was setting over the ocean. These wild moments, my grandmother’s love of life and the deep love of my family guided me as a child to love and care for the earth and the people.

I currently live as a white settler on Southern Pomo and Miwok Territory in what is now called Sebastopol, California. I am very present to the fact that some of the original colonizers of this place are Russian and Italian, two lineages which run through my body. I give deep thanks and respect to the original peoples of this place, and am here with the commitment and prayer to be in right relationship with the people, the land and the waters of this place. And while I know this commitment isn’t enough to acknowledge the historic and present-day harm done on this continent and globally by supremacy culture, I nevertheless believe it is my response-ability to walk with this commitment and prayer … and continue to learn, change and do better along the way.”

Lauren began studying Permaculture in 2000 at Pennsylvania State University where she completed her B.S. in Earth Sciences and Geography. She completed a masters-level certification in Ecological Agriculture from the New. College of California and spent three years in an advanced, intensive study of regenerative design and nature awareness with the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI).

She has taught in the classroom, the garden, and the “wilderness” for over 15 years. Lauren spent 6 years facilitating various workshops and courses in Permaculture and Nature Connection with the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) She has also facilitated workshops at the Buckeye Gathering, the California Permaculture Convergence, and the Bioneers Conference.

Fueled by her passion for supporting a vibrant local food system, Lauren was on the visionary team for the urban food security project that birthed Petaluma Bounty. She also co-founded and was on the steering committee of Permaculture Marin, a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with local communities to teach and apply the principles and practices of permaculture as a means of furthering the development of regenerative ecologies, economies and communities.

Lauren is dedicated to supporting important life transitions for all ages. In this spirit, she supports her local community through the honoring and witnessing of thresholds and is especially dedicated to the reclamation of a healthy cultural relationship to menstruation.