Katie works with the 7-12 year old cohort of the Wild Tenders youth program. She has completed 1 year of the Weaving Earth Immersion.

Katie found belonging with nature and people on childhood canoe trips in the north woods of Minnesota and Canada, where she fell in love with herself, the land, and the creatures that call it home. Her passion for honoring transitions and community-building brought her to California and the Weaving Earth Immersion, where she recently completed her first year. Katie is an avid local explorer, world traveler, birder, lover of land, handcrafter, curiosity seeker, gratitude giver, and embracer of vulnerability and imperfection. Katie’s desire to work with children stems from her knowing that belonging and connection are birthrights, too often unmet within the modern world. She believes that Weaving Earth’s programming, including Wild Tenders, helps those it serves come into greater aliveness, realize and embody their unique gifts, appreciate the gifts that others carry, and inspire them to bring what they discover out into the world. She is excited and honored to be part of Wild Tenders.

Katie’s work with youth spans many contexts. She has guided wilderness trips, served as a residential counselor at an outdoor-based therapy program, provided arts mentoring to youth aged 4 to 18, taught costume construction and coordinated student services at a performing arts school, and facilitated health programs supporting middle and high school students to make healthier decisions about substance use. Katie earned a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and a master’s of public health in Community Health Promotion with a concentration in adolescent health. Katie is a council carrier, wilderness guide, and certified Wilderness First Responder. She is currently enrolled in Rx Outside’s Nature Led Approach, a 9-month mentorship informed by occupational therapy, child development and deep nature connection.