Ida Rotto works with the 7-12 year old cohort in the Wild Tenders youth program. She has completed three years of the Weaving Earth adult immersion.

With passion for supporting the exploration of honest self-expression, Ida is a lover of music and a playful student of the wild. She is committed to the journey of listening to and acting from the heart. She is dedicated to making spaces where children can slow to the pace of nature and enter a give-and-take conversation of learning with the land, guided by curiosity. She strives to support the kids she works with in feeling their place within the web of living things, and the importance of their ideas and voices. Through meaningful play, work and song, she works to support the wildly unique being of each young person to unfurl as they are ready.

Ida worked at Pleasant Valley Summer Camp in Decorah, IA for 2 years, leading nature, music and art projects. She has also worked at Green Heron Nature Camp at the Petaluma River Heritage Center for the past two years, running nature connection programming, in addition to running youth summer camps for Weaving Earth. She is trained in Wilderness First Aid and is currently enrolled in Rx Outside’s Nature Led Approach, a 9-month mentorship informed by occupational therapy, child development and deep nature connection.