Caitlin is staff for the Weaving Earth Immersion. She has taught at many wilderness schools and has led hundreds of workshops in tracking and deepening relationship with nature across the United States and Canada.

Caitlin grew up exploring green edges in the urban south and developed a knack for finding the wild in tame places. Her childhood was filled with art, theater, dance, music and hours upon hours of free play in the kudzu-choked, red clay stream beds of North Carolina. Aside from the beauty of sunlight filtering through the vines and glistening on the water, one of her earliest memories is of asking her mother why we (humans) have to go to the store and other animals don’t. Thus began her lifelong interest in living from the land and exploring her own indigenous ancestry.

By the time Caitlin went to college she was leading wild edible and medicinal plant classes for the outdoor club. She paid her college tuition by teaching naturalist and wilderness survival classes and leading backpacking and rafting treks for the Boy Scouts. She had many great mentors in nature and creativity as a child and she went on to apprentice with many more great naturalists, trackers, mentors and cultural creatives as an adult. Her greatest passion now is following the trails of the animals and one of her greatest joys is to see the tracks of the wild ones persisting in and amongst the urban world. Caitlin still loves all things wild and still loves exploring the wild edges both inside and out.

Caitlin is a passionate learner and has many accolades, including a B.A. in Spanish with a concentration in Humanities and Music from the University of North Carolina, an international wildlife tracking and trailing certification from Cybertracker International, a permaculture certificate from Regenerative Design Institute, as well as twenty years of experience working with adults and children in nature.

Currently, she is adjunct professor in environmental biology, environmental science and tracking at Deanza Community College. She is a proud nanny of seven children, now ages 20 to 6, and a contributing poet to We’moon and other publications. The first sound Caitlin made in the world was a contented cooing and she still enjoys singing and writing songs to express her love for the world, for nature and for life.