Relational Education

Relational Education is an approach to learning that strives to engage more than just the mind: it invites the body, the heart and the human spirit as well. It emphasizes curiosity and direct, sensory engagement with the wild world in order to awaken embodied connections and reciprocal relationships to the land, to self and to others. Western education, for all of its accomplishments, tends to orient toward the intellect and answers. Relational Education prioritizes the ability to ask and follow good questions, acknowledging that every answer leads to more good questions. These are the stepping-stones that keep us engaged and growing in our relationship to any learning journey that we happen to embark upon.

Transformational Learning With Weaving Earth

The paradigm of a rarefied group of thought leaders and visionaries with all of the answers is no longer of service. Our goal is not to educate experts. Instead, we cultivate life-long learners whose curiosity can guide them from one experience to the next. Through transformational learning approaches, we seek to draw out the inherent and unique genius within each participant – because to fully meet the moral, ecological, social and political challenges we face as a keystone species within the great web of life, we need the contributions and gifts of every person.