Connection   –   Relationship   –   Stewardship   –   Creativity   –   Transformation   –   Resilience


“We are not preparing people for the world we grew up in, nor are we preparing them for today’s world. Instead, we must empower them with the creativity needed to solve problems that we cannot imagine.”~ M. Kolan & W. Poleman, UVM


Recognizing our interdependency with all life, the WE Immersion seeks to cultivate leaders, stewards and pioneers for a socially just, ecologically harmonious and consciously awakened future. Discover and explore the possibilities that arise when we unite in an intentional, mentoring context:

  • Deep Connection with the Natural World
  • Design Skills for Earth Stewardship and Community Resiliency
  • Personal Development, Leadership and Vitality
  • Community Competency

Perhaps more than any other skill within the program, the WE Immersion flexes the muscle of connection. As connections strengthen, they form bridges of relationship—fostering stewardship, creativity and transformation.

Participants learn to bridge between the ancient and the modern, between themselves and the natural world, and between the instabilities of today and the possibilities of a regenerative future.

Connection is the practice. Relationship is the result.

Watch this short video for a look into the WE curriculum and philosophy

What graduates are saying about the program:

 ~ Kate, Beyond Boundaries – Year 1

“In uncertain and challenging times for our communities and environment, The Weaving Earth program has given me hope for the future and a desire to be fully alive and to develop into a transforming self. I have woken up to the natural world, and it will leave an indelible mark on my journey towards a peaceful existence and future. “

 ~ Chris, Bridge Builders – Year 3

“The WE immersion has given me hope for a beautiful future, as well as a holistic toolkit to help me be a part of the solution. This work is so needed and healing and I can feel the momentum growing behind it. May that momentum continue to build.”

 ~ Alexis, Fire Tenders – Year 2

“It might be impossible to ever fully describe with words the bounty of gifts I have discovered through this program– but the results show clearly in the way I walk and act in this world with not only the people in my life, but all beings.  It has helped to open doors to deeper communication with myself and my environment (in nature and elsewhere) and has sent me out on a journey of learning how to really listen.  I wasn’t expecting that when I signed up–but I think that’s the most valuable tool of all, and I’m infinitely grateful for the amazing reflections and support I’ve received. I feel humbled, grounded, and inspired by all the various forms of expression, knowledge, learning, and skills I have been exposed to in the WE Immersion — to co-create more fully and authentically in this beautiful, mysterious dance of life.  I have also laughed so much along the way — maybe that has been the most healing and valuable tool of all.”