Relational by Nature

WE offer a relational model of education, holding authentic connection to nature and the cultivation of an innate love of learning as primary mandates. All of our programs are highly experiential, held in a community context, facilitated by invested mentors and based in natural learning rhythms. This “Relational” model of education encourages healthy development, natural intelligence, an innate sense of belonging, individual genius and authentic connection to self, others and earth.

The aim is to make education a process in which the participant becomes personally invested, lead through curiosity, desire, wonder and a thirst for understanding. Connection with nature is at the core of our programming because it directly engages the original operating system that is our evolutionary inheritance, our blueprint of wholeness—and it is wholeness, rather than fragmentation, that is so needed in the world at this time.

The Weaving Earth’s educational programs aim to:

  • Encourage the healthy and whole development of all people
  • Support individuals to flower into their own personal potential
  • Guide people to be responsible members of the community
  • Guide people to be responsible members of the biosphere
  • Teach people how to care for others, themselves and the natural world
  • Help people to connect to the natural world.
  • Help people understand their identity based in ecological interrelationship
  • Support life to its fullest potential