Weaving Earth is doing such incredible, healing work!  If only all children could experience the life skills and knowledge that you offer/share.. this world would be a better place! 

– Heather Clapp, BSUSD Green Team and the Outdoor Learning Lab Project


If you want to know what the heart of becoming a sustainable culture looks like; if you want to feel hope for our future; and if you want to experience in joy in who our young people are, get connected with Weaving Earth. This is ground zero for a mighty explosion of beauty and healing.  

– Amos, Petaluma, CA www.shinrin-yoku.org


You couldn’t find a more lit up and inspiring crew to do ANY kind of work with.  The Weaving Earth folks make you want to put down whatever you are doing and walk for the hills…ANY hills they are in just to be a part of the good stuff that is undoubtedly going on there.

 – Casey, San Luis Obispo, CA


I think the thing that I most got out of working with Weaving Earth was…empowering peoples’ interests and creativity and allowing that to flow.
I met Lauren, Dave and Will through programs they were running based on permaculture, traditional wisdom and culture repair. I knew I wanted what they were offering based on the descriptions of the programs I had heard, and based on what others I knew had said. However, despite knowing I wanted it, I had no idea how it was going to shift the paradigm by which I experienced the world. Many instructors and mentors offer new information or cursory experiences trying a new skill. However during my time with Lauren, Dave and will they helped me switch the lenses through which I evaluated new information, or attempted a new skill. Now over two years out of their programs, the lessons I learned with them have allowed me to be an effective change agent, doing the work in the world that is sourced from my creativity and inspiration.

– Byron, Cotati, CA


This work breeds tenders and stewards, and gives real tools for doing the inner and outer landscape design and work.

– Lindsay, San Luis Obispo, CA


Like the finest herbal medicine, working with Weaving Earth is in full support of the body’s ability to waken its own amazing ability to heal. It taps us into the medicine we each have already within us.  

– Michelle, Point Reyes Station, CA


Time spent with the folks from Weaving Earth is an incredible opportunity to touch in deeply on all levels.  We know from experience that when we are with people who have deep knowledge of the earth and real connectedness, we grow exponentially and our personal gifts take flight.  Time with this team will stretch you in all the best ways and their bright lights are catching in our own lives!  Truly, these three inspire, instruct, and brings us all forward on the journey of co creating a better world, a better life.  My gratitude goes out to them for the joy, blessings and deep learning they have brought to me and my family.

 – Marie, San Luis Obispo, CA www.outsidenow.org


Something draws us to this work…or program…or workshop…be it known or unknown. Then we are there to unfold, awaken and metamorphosis into something even more beautiful then we were when we stepped into it.

 – Aaron, Sebastopol, CA


Dave, Lauren and Will: Energetic, dedicated, passionate, warm, loving, friendly, caring, focused, alive, vibrant, playful, enthusiastic, intelligent, capable, willing to work on self in order to better self and others……these are some of the qualities that I have experienced while working with all of you.  A light beams from your eyes and your souls are bright and shining.  It is ALWAYS a joy to be with you, work with you, and observe your gifts and willingness to give. Your warmth radiates out and makes the world a more gentle place to be.

 – Wendolyn, Fairfax, CA www.tendertracks.com


These three amazing individuals have changed my life for the better. They each in their own unique way have pushed me to become a better community leader, naturalist, and compassionate person. They all had a knack for finding an area where I needed to grow, and they knew just how hard to push.

 – Alessa, Cotati, CA



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