Permaculture Design

Permaculture is a design science that seeks to create human systems that are as resilient and adaptable as wild natural ecosystems. It turns out that after billions of years of evolution, wild nature has a few key things figured out: for example, diversity is key to resilience, conservation of nutrients and energy are essential, and every element within a system tends to support many functions. These and many other principles can guide the human hand in permaculture design and implementation to create gardens, structures, water and energy systems and other necessities that carry the inherent genius of nature within.

Regenerative Design and Permaculture Design Relation

At a time when Earth’s ecosystems have been so damaged by industrialization, there is much work to be done—rebuilding topsoil, cleaning up our air and water resources, restoring habitat. It isn’t enough to practice sustainability. We aren’t seeking to sustain the Earth as it is, already so compromised by the shortsighted practices of resource extraction for empire building. Instead, we seek to regenerate the Earth’s capacity for life, and our capacity as human beings to wisely support the ongoing process of life on Earth.

Permaculture design is inherently regenerative design—through it we seek to place key elements in right relationship and then let the processes of nature take over and drive the system without continual interference—building soil, clean water, biodiversity and overall health as it goes. And because the human community is one circle within the many circles of nature, we can apply the same principles and insights available in permaculture design to the design and regeneration of our communities and cultural practices. Communities that think, act and design from an ecological perspective are setting themselves up for resilience, which is simply the capacity to meet change, challenge and opportunity with grace, creativity and vitality. Community resilience is part of overall ecological resilience, and permaculture design is an invaluable tool as we seek to build resilient communities everywhere.

Weaving Earth offers permaculture design consultations as well as installations. If you are interesting in contracting us for a design and/or implementation project or would like to learn more about our 9-month Immersion program, in which permaculture design plays a significant role, contact us today for more information.


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