Honoring Transitions Around the Wheel

Honoring and recognizing moments of significant transition, whether it be from season to season, from one life stage to another, or from birth to death, is critical to the holistic development of both the individual, and the community. Such celebrations are natural to the human experience, and have been marked and acknowledged cross-culturally for millennia. These markings are elegantly and indelibly woven into the fabric of natural human development—so much so that we would not be what we are without them. The Honoring Transitions curriculum at Weaving Earth offers programs to help mark such transitions in powerful and holistic ways.

WE hold the healthy and complete development of individuals and communities as a high goal in all of our programming. Our Honoring Transitions curriculum offers specific focus on the journey towards wholeness that is available to us when we powerfully and consciously cross the threshold from one stage to the next.

Current Honoring Transitions offerings:



WE are blessed to work with Paul Raphael, an Odawa Peacemaker and internationally respected mentor in cultural repair. Paul joins us on a yearly basis, offering teachings and tools for Peacemaking in Community. What does it look like when a community comes together to honor the significant transitions of an individual’s life cycle? How does this affect the health and overall peace of the community as a whole? These questions and more are explored in this weekend workshop, co-hosted by WE founder, Lauren D. Hage.  Read more…


DATE TBD: The Acorn Drop is an annual gathering dedicated to honoring the transition in seasons, to celebrate the bounty of the fall harvest, and to give special thanks to the oaks for their important role in the ecosystem. This is a free, family-friendly event including games, stories, & feasting. 



This backpacking trip is for high school seniors, designed with the intent to mark and honor the transition from high school to graduation. The heart of the trip is a 2-day solo giving participants time to reflect on this transition, consider what is next, and to consciously step towards the young adult they are ready to be. Read more…


SCHOOL OF LOST BORDERS ~ Ally and Resource

Weaving Earth co-founder Will Scott has been guiding youth and adult programs with Lost Borders since 2007, and became a trainer as well in 2011. For nearly 40 years, Lost Borders has been a forerunner in the quest to reintegrate nature-based ceremonies of initiation into the modern world. The lineage and teachings of the School have had significant influence on all of us at Weaving Earth, and have helped shape the foundations of our work. SOLB is one among many in a network of organizations carrying forth a shared vision for a healthier, more vibrant world, where people can step authentically into the wholeness of who they are. WE include the School here both to honor its impact on Weaving Earth, and to offer it as a resource for those seeking guidance in honoring transitions in their own lives.

{From the SOLB Website} “The modern day vision fast is a border crossing practice. When one steps across the threshold and into the unknown wilderness, boundaries begin to dissolve and our vision begins to expand. Everything is pregnant with meaning, and nature speaks to us in the voices of rock, tree, and wind. Following the ancient pathway of this rite of passage, we step into our true nature and remember our home among the wild. We become who we were born to be.”  Read more…

Here is a list of offerings from SOLB: Schedule

And here you can find their resource page, full of valuable information.