Deep Nature Connection

Deep nature connection involves far more than spending time outdoors. The tools and techniques that elicit deep nature connection aim to foster an embodied, below-the-brain sense of interrelationship between humans and the more-than-human world—in other words, we strive ultimately for a sense of belonging. This means that we don’t just seek to learn the names of the birds, the plants and the clouds. Naming is important, but it can often be a block to further relationship. Once we know the name of a plant or a bird, how frequently do we pause to consider that particular bird or that particular plant, apart from its name?

Find Your Nature Connection at Weaving Earth

Deep nature connection is the knowing that rain is on the way without looking at the weather forecast. Deep nature connection is feeling the presence of a Cooper’s hawk because of how the songbirds are behaving. Deep nature connection is quietly walking up on the skittish buck who is still resting in his daybed. Ultimately, deep nature connection is about reclaiming our place within the web of life—not as dominators, but as humble participants within and before the great power and bounty of creation. Deep nature connection is our birthright as human beings. It is not actually something that can be gained or taken away. However, it can be nourished, strengthened and remembered, or, it can be forgotten. Our work at Weaving Earth is, perhaps above all else, aimed at restoring the remembrance of connection and interrelationship as a human species within the great web of life systems on this planet.