Bird Language Fundamentals

If you’ve ever woken up to the sweet sound of birds chirping, you’ve experienced bird language first hand. Also known as the inter-species communication among birds, bird language helps our feathered friends keep in contact with their flock, find their mates and protect their territory from unwanted intruders. While birds utilize a diverse variety of […]

The Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature

In today’s society, children are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world. With the help of television, computers, video games and cell phones, children have developed a lack of interest when it comes to spending quality time outdoors. Research suggests children without direct experiences in nature will miss out on crucial opportunities to […]

The Importance of Permaculture Designs

One of the things we focus on in our programs is permaculture designs. Permaculture works with nature instead of against it, creating ecosystems that can be sustained. Ideally, these systems are thoughtfully laid out not only to sustain themselves but their caregivers. Permaculture is becoming increasingly important in a culture that’s using up far more resources than […]

Why Our Relational Development Programs Make For a Great Gap Year

More high school graduates are choosing to take a gap year; a year between ending high school and starting their next path, often college or a career. During a gap year, a young person may decide to travel, explore opportunities in other fields, or take the time to learn more about themselves and what they want […]

How to Regain Your Nature Connection

More and more people are recognizing that they have lost their nature connection. They move from home to work to shopping store and back home again, rarely spending time outside and never with any intention. This lack of connection to the earth is damaging to humans. It’s not in our personal nature to be so […]

What Happened When Texas Schools Tripled Their Recess Time

Some schools in Texas have decided to go against the trend of more classroom time at the expense of recess. They are now offering more frequent recess breaks during the school day and seeing incredible results. According to KEYETv news in Texas, the “teachers at those schools say their students are more relaxed, focusing better, […]