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  • Personal Information

  • Weaving Earth is committed to playing an active role in the disruption and dismantling of systems of oppression: sexism/patriarchy, heterosexism/cisgenderism/heteropatriarchy, racism, classism, ableism and more. We are committed to doing this work within ourselves, within our organization and within all of our programs. We are doing our best to engage these topics and we also have much to learn, improve upon and deepen. We are seeking participants who are willing and wanting to do this important work together, in community, guided by nature. If this kind of work is not something you are willing to commit deeply to, we appreciate your honesty, and nevertheless the WE Immersion is not the appropriate program for you at this time

  • Letter of Intent

  • The centerpiece of the Bridge Builders application is your Letter of Intent (LOI), in which we would like you to describe what calls you to join the Bridge Builders program at this time. You could consider this LOI similar to a council share in writing: listen deeply, trust what comes, find your finest words, write (or draw or paint!) from the heart. The LOI is an important contribution, both to yourself and to the program. Please take your time! There is no prescribed length, but we encourage you to discern for yourself if what you upload below is truly representative of your heart, dreams, passions, growth edges, longings, and questions at this time. Additionally, please feel free to bring your personal creativity to this letter. As referenced above, it need not be only writing: paint, draw, collage, sing! In your letter, please include responses to the questions: What is your personal intention in joining the Bridge Builders track of the WE Immersion? (How do you want to grow from the experience? What ways of being are you hoping to step more fully into?) What most excites you about joining the Bridge Builders program? What makes you nervous or brings up concern? What are you hoping to focus on/dive deeper into?

  • NOTE: Files must be smaller than 256 MB and cannot be the docx file type. If you are using docx as your file type, simply click "save as" and choose .doc instead.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, txt.
  • Additional Questions

  • In addition to your letter, we ask that you take time to answer the following questions. If you feel you have responded to them in your LOI, great! Just note that here and move on.

  • Joining the Bridge Builders represents a significant commitment, both in time and energy. In an effort to deepen and enrich your experience, we encourage making connections with people in your extended community who can support you on your journey, witness you in your learning process, and anchor you as needed throughout the year.

  • Logistical Information

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