In the past five years, Weaving Earth has…

Affirmed our commitment to deep nature connection.

By remembering our inherent connection to the natural world, we can wisely take our place as an interconnected part of the ecosystem; fundamentally interdependent and uniquely differentiated. This orientation awakens vision, empathy, compassion, belonging and creative genius—both personal and collective.

Taken a stronger stand against white supremacy, cis-heteropatriarchy and other interlocking systems of dominance and oppression.

Liberation of people and the planet aren’t separate issues—they are the same. As we educate for action to care for the planet, we must also educate for action to fundamentally change the social systems that shape our lives and the opportunities that accrue to some but not others. White supremacy, male supremacy, heterosexual supremacy—supremacy in all its forms—must be abolished. We humbly take action in that direction, recognizing that all of our liberation is interconnected.

Trained more than 100 changemakers.

Applying their training, WE Immersion graduates are making a difference in dozens of programs and organizations around the country, working with children, families and communities to care for the earth, and one another.

Connected hundreds of young people to nature.

Through our year-long programs, teen backpacking trips, summer camps, and weeklong events, we’ve nurtured a love for nature and people in hundreds of young hearts and minds.

Consulted with dozens of schools, organizations, and leaders.

Our consulting services are helping institutions shape their curriculum and culture in service of connection to nature and concern for the health and well-being of people and communities.

Widened our network of partners.

Our perspectives are shaped and limited by socialization. Collaboration with partners who have varied perspectives is essential to the integrity and efficacy of our work. We work with a broadening network of partners and are actively seeking collaboration with new local and global allies who are aligned in vision and values. Weaving Earth is part of a much broader response that is emerging globally. Our work is made possible by generations of efforts that came before, without which we would not exist. Looking ahead, we understand that how we proceed may be even more important than where we arrive.

Evolved into a social benefit organization.

One of the clearest lessons of the last five years is that we cannot do it alone. A social benefit (nonprofit) structure supports our goal of widening the circle as we partner with allies in the dreaming, listening, and manifestation of our collective vision. The new nonprofit status will make it possible to increase our revenue stream via donations and grants, enabling us to offer reparations and financial assistance, implement new programs, and ultimately widen into a four-year collaboratory for changemakers.

Received foundational support.

We are deeply grateful for the foundational support circle that has gathered around us already. We have a committed circle of five Founding Family members and nine Supporting Partners who have pledged energetic and financial contributions over the next three years of Weaving Earth’s emergence. We are so grateful for their partnership in this next phase, and we look forward to widening that circle.
Now, we are…

Looking for more support.

Would you like to be a part of WE’s support network as we step into this new phase of service?

  1. We are actively seeking DONATIONS of all sizes toward our Reparations Fund and General Organizational Support.
  2. Please contact us with questions and/or additional ideas for collaboration: lauren@weavingearth.org