I’m Back, And I Remember

NOTE: This reflection was written by a Weaving Earth participant after returning from a trip into some beautiful California wild lands. Shaking the dust and dirt and leaves out of my blanket and clothes today sent a wave of emotion through my body. I felt a sting of pain as I loaded the clothes into […]

Rattlesnakes, Owls, and Purple Eyes

Sometimes, I take for granted the things I see, hear or experience with regularity. Perhaps you can relate? This pattern shows up in my nature connection journey, too. I notice that I become fixated on and seek the unusual, the rare, or the momentous. I want to see the badger hunt cooperatively with the coyote. […]

Yellow Legs, Speckled Eggs and the Sounds of Spring

I awoke this morning to the sound of a pair of stressed red-shouldered hawks, who were screeching from the eucalyptus stand by the backyard. Two ravens uttered guttural calls nearby, seemingly eager to gain entrance to the hawk nest and whatever is currently inside. The bird world is alive with spring songs—yellow-rumped warblers, song sparrows, […]