2014 Year In Review

It’s been an incredible year at Weaving Earth: powerful time in nature, strong connections with great people and lots of time for reflection. We are grateful for the many moments of collaboration, connection and relationship. Here’s a look at some of the potency of the past year, starting with a short video montage and followed […]

The Week In Pictures: December 9-16, 2014

So fresh and so clean, clean: beautiful raccoon tracks (left hind, right front) in mud. Front left and front right tracks of the same raccoon. Trailing pigs with Matt Nelson on a ranch west of Geyserville. We saw upwards of 30 pigs when the day was done. An incredible day on a rugged and picturesque […]

The Week In Pictures: December 1-8, 2014

Looking towards San Francisco from the Steep Ravine camping area at Mt. Tamalpais State Park. The mighty Pacific. Left: The fresh walking trail of a California quail in mud at the Steep Ravine campground. How many other tracks can you spot? Right: Closeup of a California quail track. Quail have what is known as “game […]

The Week In Pictures: November 21-30

The rains are here! Keep coming! Three stages of inky cap growth: umbrella, star and SLIME! Leaf tattoo on concrete. The rich fall hue of a maple leaf resting in rosemary. I spent Thanksgiving in Austin, TX. We found these tracks under a rock ledge near Hamilton Pool (which is an incredible place). Ringtail, we […]