Foragers of Wild Food

In August of 2013, a Santa Rosa based newspaper, The Press Democrat, did a piece on the practice of foraging wild food. Reporter Matt Brown caught up with our very own WE founder Lauren Dalberth Hage and here is a little of what he had to say:  “Lauren Dalberth Hage can find food almost anywhere, […]

A Walk in Willard’s Woods

I sensed the owl before I saw it. Turning to Charlotte, my 20-year-old cousin, I said: “I can’t fully explain it, but I have a strong feeling that there’s an owl close by. I wonder how close it is.” Seconds later, I looked up and saw her—a beautiful barred owl perched 20 feet up in […]

Building Bridges With Bioneers

“Is climate change happening to us or for us?” The question hit me like smelling salts. I wrote furiously in its wake, careful to record Paul Hawken’s words exactly as he spoke them. Could humanity’s greatest challenge really be a good thing? Hawken seemed to say that climate change is an opportunity for humans to […]